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1300 pilgrims from 90 countries will perform Hajj as a guest of the Saudi king

Publish: 3 months ago

Assignment Desk

Abdullah Al Mamun, Saudi Arabia Correspondent :
 As a guest of the King of Saudi Arabia, 1,300 people from 90 countries will perform Hajj this year.  As a guest of the Saudi King, many distinguished people from different countries perform Hajj every year.  The Saudi government bears all the expenses of the Hajj of these Muslims.
 Last Saturday (June 17), King Salman issued a directive in this regard.
 Saudi Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance Minister.  Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh said that this is a reflection of the efforts made by the monarchy to develop relations with the Islamic world.
 He also said that this extraordinary event is done every year with the funding of the Saudi government.  Through this, many respected Muslims of the world got the opportunity to perform Hajj.  They provide maximum service in well organized system.
 We are working with the embassies and religious organizations of the countries in which the Muslims of the countries have the opportunity to perform Hajj as guests of the king this year.  The entire matter is being coordinated till issuing visa, coming for Hajj and returning home after Hajj.
 It should be noted that earlier this month, King Salman of Saudi Arabia ordered 1,000 Palestinians to perform Hajj.